Jim Said No (Part 7 of 8)

Jim Said No is a documentary about the lives of Jim and Lisa Kingsbury as they struggle to live with the disease ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). Shot only a few times a month over a three year period, the film follows the couple and their son Jack as they are forced to adapt to the physical changes Jim must endure as the disease progresses within his body. While always hoping for a cure, they knew it was not likely to occur anytime soon. Therefore, they decided to fight it on their own, anyway they could. Together they have raised over $70,000 towards ALS research. They started an annual Walk to Defeat ALS as well as an annual basketball tournament, The Kingsbury Classic, in their home town of Bangor, Maine. They also spent their own money to go Washington DC on two separate occasions to lobby Congress and were an integral part of helping to pass the ALS Registry Act. In addition to making this film, they have also created an informational website for others suffering from the disease (ALSANDHOPE.COM). This is their story.

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