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Tiny dancers Star Steppers raise money for charity in their pajamas

12/17/2012 0 Comments Contact Our News Editors

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Little stars raised hundreds of pounds for charity without even getting out of their pajamas.

Members of Cheam dance shool Star Steppers came to class in their pajamas and generously donated to charity for the privilege earlier this month.

Together with the Reigate, Caterham, Stoneleigh and Oxshott branches, they managed to raise £246 for skin disease charity DEBRA.

Hannah Everitt, one of the directors of Star Steppers, said: "It was a lot of fun! There was wide array of wonderful nightwear - from bunny-suits to Spiderman pajamas - it was great to do something a bit different to make a difference!"

DEBRA helps people who suffer from epidermolysis bullosa which can mean sufferers' skin is so fragile it bruises and cuts at the slightest touch.

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Epidermolysis Bullosa