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Baby Easton remains in the hospital with a cold

12/15/2012 0 Comments Contact Our News Editors

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By Maren Guse

The Weedsport baby living with a rare skin disease remains in the hospital on Friday.

According to a Facebook page dedicated to Easton Friedel, the infant was returned to the hospital for a bad cold on Thursday.

Aunt Sara posted to the Facebook page saying:

“I was with Easton and Jared all day today. He got a little fussy for a bit, but other than that, he slept and was resting comfortably. No one really seems to be able to give us a concrete answer about what's going on with him, not here nor in Cincinnati. He has a cold, they know that much (rhinovirus), and they've said that with other issues (EB) that can make a cold worse for him. It still isn't a satisfying answer. He could've gone home today, but Danielle wants him to stay at least overnight, just in case.”

Earlier this month, the 3-month-old was rushed to the hospital after he stopped breathing.

Easton suffers from a rare skin disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa, which causes painful blisters.

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