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Introduction (7 Comments)
03.16.11 Hello, I have a daughter who is 11 years old now who was diagnosed with idiopathic infantile spasms at 4 1/2 months old. We have been through a lot over the years and would be glad to answer any and all questions that parents with newly... More >
Submitted by Anonymous on 03.16.11
Karyn Danielian keeps the faith (3 Comments)
05.09.10 On the surface, the newsy tidbit from newly opened Shining Rock Golf Club appeared little more than a delicious twist of fate. On May 1, Karyn Danielian, the wife of the club’s first head professional, Lee Danielian, registered the... More >
Submitted by Anonymous on 05.09.10
Woman Makes New Life After "Miracle" Transplant (3 Comments)
05.08.10 Kristin Molini Survived Five-Organ Transplant; Celebrates One-Year Mark with "Rebirthday" Kristin Molini had prepared herself to die. The 22-year-old was diagnosed with a rare medical condition, intestinal dysmotility, a disease that... More >
Submitted by Anonymous on 05.08.10
Time, medication help man live with deadly Wilson's disease (3 Comments)
04.26.10 By Sam McManis The insidious voice in his head, the one that occasionally would compel him to dark thoughts and deeds, echoed again as W. Mark Dendy sat in his car, idling at an Elk Grove rail crossing. Just step on the gas and let the... More >
Submitted by Anonymous on 04.26.10
ALS takes victims ‘by the centimeter’ (2 Comments)
05.08.10 By BETTY RIDGE Tahlequah resident Marge Malone recalls the battle her husband, Jim, fought with the disease before it claimed his life. Like the villain in one of the dramas he so loved, ALS stole onto the stage, shortening and finally... More >
Submitted by Anonymous on 05.08.10
Service dog gives Island Heights girl freedom (2 Comments)
05.08.10 Apparently, no one told Emily that dogs are supposed to be man's best friend. As the 11-year-old led her dog Sadie around the room, her beaming grin was the biggest hint that the fluffy white Labradoodle was more than a service dog; she... More >
Submitted by Anonymous on 05.08.10
Courageous caddie battles multiple sclerosis (2 Comments)
04.03.10 By Drew Schmenner When Heather Drew is not caddying for LPGA pros Becky Morgan or Moira Dunn, she is offering guidance to those facing a more daunting challenge. Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1996, Drew, who played on the LPGA Tour... More >
Submitted by Anonymous on 04.03.10
Life changes quickly (1 Comment)
05.07.10 Though he's been an admitted patient undergoing tests and getting chemotherapy treaments at Huntsville Hospital for the past 27 days, Robert "Buddy" Phillips was in good spirits Thursday afternoon. "I'm doing pretty good, as good as can... More >
Submitted by Anonymous on 05.07.10
Community Gathers To Help Boy With Rare Disease (1 Comment)
04.01.10 By Jackie Shutack ALLENTOWN, Pa. -- Hundreds turned out Sunday to help an Emmaus family find a cure for their young son's disease. 3-year-old Joshua Scoble poses for pictures at a fundraiser held in his honor at the Allentown Fairgrounds.... More >
Submitted by Anonymous on 04.01.10
Kentuckiana family finds strength as sons battle rare, terminal disease (1 Comment)
03.04.10 This is a story about the strength of one Kentuckiana family and their search for a medical breakthrough. Thomas Milburn and Stacy Webb live in Jeffersonville. Last year their lives were turned upside down when they discovered both of... More >
Submitted by Anonymous on 03.04.10
Slowed By Multiple Sclerosis, But Sons To Lean On (1 Comment)
03.03.10 The boys already are out on the ice. The fishing holes are drilled. The shelters are up. Logan Nelson is 13. His brother, Jake, is 11. They know the routine. Hunting, trapping, fishing, goose-calling — these boys are all over it. They have... More >
Submitted by Anonymous on 03.03.10
"Minor minor stroke" (0 Comments)
08.08.13 My cousin suffered stroke ten years ago. It's a good thing that when it was happening, they happen to pass by the very front gate of the hospital. So, it was only seconds that they got him to the E.R. If he was taken to the hospital a... More >
Submitted by Anonymous on 08.08.13
Irish Family Seeks Help From America for Their Dying Children (0 Comments)
05.09.10 After both their children were diagnosed with a fatal disease, a husband and wife living in County Kerry, have begun fundraising to bring their babies to the United States for clinical trials that just may save their lives. "If we don't do... More >
Submitted by Anonymous on 05.09.10
Lawrenceville resident and former coach featured in National awareness campaign (0 Comments)
05.08.10 The Muscular Dystrophy Association has selected former high school football coach James “Tony” Blanton of Lawrenceville, Ga., to be profiled in its national campaign promoting awareness of ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig’... More >
Submitted by Anonymous on 05.08.10
Fighting cystic fibrosis one cup at a time: Girls use lemonade stand to raise money for cause (0 Comments)
05.08.10 Ten-year-old Alyssa Jacobsen was working on a school project that involved more lemonade than her family could ever drink. While standing in her kitchen, she read the story of another 10-year-old girl, Macey Horbach, a Naperville resident... More >
Submitted by Anonymous on 05.08.10

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