HopefulCircle Blog Guideline and Tips

Become a Blogger!

We encourage our HopefulCircle members to start a blog and share their opinions on issues and concerns to the rare disease community. Blogs are well-expressed thoughts and opinions with a personal voice or point of view. Blogs are meant to be something of a conversation--a continuous chain of posts, once a week perhaps, or usually at least once a month. As a blogger, you will want to cultivate and engage your readers, and respond to their comments and issues.

Adding a Post

Once you've created an account on our website as a patient, caregiver, or healthcare professional you can then click on the "Post a new blog entry" button located on the top of the MyCircle Blog tab to add a new blog post. You can then add a title to each post, your text, and even upload a photograph which is automatically sized and placed in your post. We recommend brief but complete titles to help readers find your content.

Tips and Guidelines

  • Publishing
    Blog posts are published immediately. They are not moderated. We reserve the right to edit or delete any content that is offensive to our community. Users can also flag posts for perceived problems or inaccuracies.
  • Title and Description
    We encourage bloggers to create a title and description for their blog. Neither is required, but they can help readers to better understand your blog. You can do this on the MyCircle profile page once you register.
  • Personalize Your Blog
    We recommend that you upload a photograph of yourself and complete your bio. Readers like to know more about a blogger. It increases the possibility of engaging your audience. You can add a photograph and bio on the MyCircle profile page once you register.
  • Links
    You are welcome to link to other websites from your blog posts. Any web page address you add will automatically turn into a link, so you don't have to worry about formatting or putting link tags in your post. We ask that you do not link to any external sites with objectionable or offensive content.
  • Manage Your Postings
    Once you have submitted a blog posting, you can access your entries on your MyCircle Blog page. All your posts will be shown there. You can edit them anytime from that page. You can also edit a blog posting from the blog page itself by using the Edit tab that appears above the title of your post once you login (this "Edit" link only appears for a blog post's author).
  • Stay Safe
    Although this is a community site and we encourage you to make connections with other registered members, please keep all public postings safe and private. (You may contact other members directly by using the Personal Contact form on their profile page, if they have enabled this feature.) Do not post any private or personal information such as your or anyone else's phone number, home address, or email address.
  • Use Good Grammar
    We encourage site users to use correct spelling and grammar (as much as possible!). We generally do not edit postings. If the grammar makes your posting very difficult to understand, we might edit it.
  • Avoid Plagiarism
    Please do not include copyright content (except briefly for editorial purposes) in any of your postings. You can cite other examples and link to external pages for reference.

For more information, please see our Terms of Use.