Groups Guidelines and Tips

Welcome to Our Community Groups!

We encourage our registered members to create and participate in our groups. A group is a place where you can voice and discuss your ideas together with other site members who share your interests in a particular topic or have a similar background (patients in the same geographic region, healthcare professionals of the same company, etc).

You can join existing groups or start a new group on anything! It's a great way to meet new members, stay informed, and discuss common interests.

Creating a Group

Once you've created an account on our website you can then click the "Create New Group" button located at the top of the Groups page to form a new group. You can then add a title for your group, write a description and mission statement for your group, and even upload a picture which is automatically sized and placed on your group's homepage. We recommend brief but complete group titles to help HopefulCircle members find your group.

Tips and Guidelines

All group postings are subject to the terms of use ("TOU") that you agreed to when you registered for this site. Here are some tips and guidelines that build on those TOU.

  • Publishing Group posts are published immediately. They are not moderated. We reserve the right to edit or delete any content that is offensive to our community. Users can also flag posts for perceived problems or inaccuracies.
  • Personalize Your Group We recommend that you upload a photograph that represents your group and complete your group's description and mission statement. The group description is a brief statement that appears on the Groups page beside your group and helps other HopefulCircle members learn more about your group. It increases the possibility of engaging your audience and gaining group members. The group's mission statement can be a longer statement that describes the group's objectives or mission and appears at the top of your group's homepage.
  • Stay Safe Although this is a community site and we encourage you to make connections with other registered members, please keep all public postings safe and private. (You may contact other members directly by using the Personal Contact form on their profile page, if they have enabled this feature.) Do not post any private or personal information such as your or anyone else's phone number, home address, or email address.
  • Privacy When you create a group, you can choose to make it either Open or Moderated. If your group is Open, HopefulCircle members can join at any time. If your group is Moderated, HopefulCircle members must request to join the group. You can moderate membership and accept or reject members by pressing the "Manage members" button at the top of your group's homepage.
  • Get Some Help You can assign other members in your group to be administrators and share group responsibilities by clicking the "Manage members" button at the top of your group's homepage. As a group creator or assigned administrator, you will be able to make others group administrators and edit the group's information and picture. Your group's administrators will also be able to help you moderate group membership if you've created a Moderated group.
  • Use Good Grammar We encourage site users to use correct spelling and grammar (as much as possible!). We generally do not edit postings. If the grammar makes your posting very difficult to understand, we might edit it.
  • Avoid Plagiarism Please do not include any content that you did not write or create yourself (except briefly for editorial purposes) in any of your postings.

For more information, please see our Terms of Use.