Praise for Shannon’s remarkable recovery

Nearly five months after undergoing three gruelling operations in America to remove a life-threatening brain tumour, teenager Shannon Black is back at school and reclaiming her independence (writes Katie Smyth).

The 13-year-old, from Birkhill, was born with the tumour on her hypothalamus — the so-called master gland that regulates much of the body’s functions.

The 2cm tumour may not have been cancerous, but it had a significant effect on Shannon’s life causing her to develop precocious puberty as a baby.

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Central Precocious Puberty

Great Falls Woman Gaining National Attention for Rare Neurological Disorder

By KFBB News Team

Some people say laughter is the best medicine. But is there such thing as over dosing on laughter? Imagine going to a funeral and you can not stop giggling or crying uncontrollably, even though you are not sad.

It is a rare disorder that thousands of people across the nation deal with everyday, including right here in the treasure state. One local woman was being filmed by PBS on Monday for a documentary that will feature the disorder and the miracle drug that she says changed her life.

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