About Us

HopefulCircle.org Mission Statement

HopefulCircle.org is a community platform with information, tools, and support for patients who have a rare disease, as well as caregivers, organizations, and healthcare professionals who are committed to furthering advocacy for these patients.

As an online social network, HopefulCircle promotes discussion of current and future treatments, lifestyle adjustments, and coping strategies. In addition, we encourage users to keep updated on their condition of interest through articles and additional resources on the site.

HopefulCircle is dedicated to being the premier community platform for those affected by rare diseases and conditions. Create your circle of advocates now!

About Us

HopefulCircle.org was created by medical education and social network experts. The leadership team consists of professionals who designed and developed many health sites such as Yahoo Health, and have been involved in projects with organizations such as the American Red Cross, Colorado AIDS Project, and rare disease advocacy groups. HopefulCircle.org was developed by MedVal Scientific Information Services, LLC.